The Branch River Trail

Having lived and worked at Elk Lake since 2000, I've been fortunate enough not only to hike all forty miles of hiking trails, but to have spent many hours off of the trails exploring. It was on one of these forays that I came across sections of the Branch River that were more meandering, with deeper holes that would hold fish, as opposed to the steeper, faster moving water, which make up most of The Branch River as it descends through the Elk Lake Preserve.

This is a beautiful stretch, the east side steeply forested, and the west side easier walking through tag alder, spruce and fir trees. There are wonderful views of Wolf Pond and Boreas Mountains as you wade downstream, exploring three deep, cool pools that certainly hold fish. The trail was cleared, brushed and marked by our maintenance crew leader Kirk Hargett, and is an easy ten minute hike from the road.

I think the Branch River Beat is a great addition to the Elk Lake trail system, not only for the angler, but for anyone wanting to enjoy nature at its best.

Mike Sheridan

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