Having lived and worked at Elk Lake since 2000, I've been fortunate enough not only to hike all forty miles of hiking trails, but to have spent many... more

The Elk Lake Preserve represents one of the few remaining areas in New York State that sustains a robust wild Brook Trout population. Brook Trout are... more

Since 2004 my staff and I have been given the privilege of conducting research at the Elk Lake Preserve. The forested mountains that surround Elk Lake... more

Elk Lake is noted for its dedicated and gracious staff. This year Linda Walters, our top chef for over 10 years, has retired. She inspired us all to... more

Yoshiyuki Miyazawa lives in Tokyo, Japan and has been coming over the last few years to Elk Lake Lodge for three-week visits. His connection began from... more

In 1889 Reverend Timothy Grenville Darling purchased ten acres on the shores of Elk Lake and built a two story log cabin for a summer retreat. Darling... more


“This is the quintessental wilderness lodge, the setting is heart stopping, dining has great view of lake, staff very friendly and helpful.”
- Finnegan
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1106 Elk Lake Road, North Hudson, NY 12855