As I write this newsletter, Elk Lake is reawakening from a deeply cold and snowy winter. As the heavy rains come and mud rises over the truck hubcaps,... more

In 1903, Pell Jones, who ran the Elk Lake operation from 1881 to 1910, began work on the construction of a new lodge. The project took several years to... more

In March of this year, Governor Andrew Cuomo approved the classification of properties the state acquired from the Nature Conservancy (TNC) in 2015,... more

When you visit, you may notice a 30-second filmed piece put together by a group called "... more

For the last few years, we have instituted a tea service in the living room from 1 pm to 5 pm, after which we move into hors d'oeuvre mode before... more

Some of the best birding in the country is in the Adirondacks and especially in the vast wilderness which the Elk Lake preserve is central... more

by Jillian Liner

One of the many impressive aspects of Elk Lake are the birds and surrounding forest habitat. The notable habitat and rare... more

Elk Lake Lodge hosted its first birding workshop in 1987 which was organized by National Audubon's chief scientist, Susan Drennan, and a team of... more

When Elk Pond House advertised lodging in 1875 meals were a scant affair provisioned by canned foods and an occasional fish caught in the lake.... more

It was another great June weekend of fishing on Elk Lake's Branch River, according to Vinny McClelland of the The Mountaineer, who organizes the camps... more


“Set amid more than 12,000 acres in a 'spectacular' 'Adirondack location', this 'lovely, low-key' lakeside resort (circa 1904) offers charming 'individual cabins' as well as rooms in its main lodge; it's 'great for quiet boating and hiking', as well as fishing, swimming and canoeing surrounded by beautiful mountains; guests have speedboat-free Elk Lake and Clear Pond entirely to themselves and can enjoy 45 miles of pristine trails; the room rate includes three meals and it's an easy five-hour drive from New York or Boston, so most find it's a great 'family or romantic' getaway; N.B. it's open May-October.”
- Zagat Survey
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