Times are A-Changing in Elk's Kitchen

When Elk Pond House advertised lodging in 1875 meals were a scant affair provisioned by canned foods and an occasional fish caught in the lake. Remnants of our culinary past are seen with our painted can top trail markers.

In this modern era we have been noted by Zagat Survey and happy guests for our fresh produce and delicious fish, vegetarian and meat options accompanied by lovely wines and local beers.

Now under the leadership of our fine chef, Sean Gallagher, we are featuring a delicious array of seasonal, regional and organic ingredients. Local produce can come from Ossenkop's Adirondack Buffalo Co. and Farm down the road. One week Sean enjoyed cooking 36 trout caught by guests from Elk Lake for breakfast and dinners. When he ran out of bread crumbs he added graham crackers and our unique recipe was conceived. This is local and seasonal at its best!

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Recipe: Pan-Fried Brook Trout
Freshly caught Brook Trout from the rivers or lakes at Elk Lake Preserve
Spiced Flour with pepper, sea salt, onion and garlic powder
Egg Wash with Cholula Sauce to taste with beaten egg
Crumbs- half fresh bread crumbs and half Graham Cracker crumbs with small amount of fresh or dried herbs
Elk Lake has an abundance of wild Thyme growing around the shoreline for a local touch

1. Roll the cleaned fish whole or filet in spiced flour
2. Dip the fish in egg wash
3. Roll in in seasoned crumbs to cover
4. Heat clarified butter in heavy skillet to a depth of 1/4 inch that is hot but not smoking
5. Cook fish quickly till nicely browned on both sides till cooked through
6. Serve for breakfast with eggs and bacon or dinner with hearty vegetables and wild rice

Margot Ernst and Chef Sean Gallagher

“This wilderness resort should be on everyone's bucket list.”
- Annie Stoltie, Adirondack Life Magazine
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