Guest Story

Yoshiyuki Miyazawa lives in Tokyo, Japan and has been coming over the last few years to Elk Lake Lodge for three-week visits. His connection began from when he first saw pictures of Elk Lake while browsing in a Manhattan book store. He bought the book and decided to visit because he was fascinated by the natural landscape. Upon arriving at Elk Lake there was no vacancy and he saw the property from the High Peaks. He was working in New York at the time from 1985 to 1988. During this period he visited with his wife a few times before returning to Japan.

Many years passed before he had the chance to visit Elk Lake again. About six years ago, he began an annual autumnal visit to the Loge. He usually takes a flight from Tokyo to Chicago and then a flight to Albany. He rests overnight there then continues in a rented car for the two hour drive to the lodge. It is interesting to think that a hundred years ago in order to get to Elk Pond House from New York City it would take at least 24 hours by ferry, train, stagecoach, horse and buggy, and now it is easily accessible from around the world. 

Yoshi says the first reason that he visits Elk Lake Lodge is the beautiful natural setting and "the excellent hospitality". He also enjoys boating and photography. He became interested in the landscape and began taking photos that express the many moods of Elk Lake and Clear Pond. He is interested in the light that can change the brilliant autumnal palette to more subtle hues, sometimes with storms at dusk.

From Nathan Farb's 8 x 10 inch view camera to kids with cell phones, Elk Lake has been a popular subject of photographers, amateurs and professionals alike. Carl Heilmann has been hosting a photography workshop here for several years in the fall. 

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“This wilderness resort should be on everyone's bucket list.”
- Annie Stoltie, Adirondack Life Magazine
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