Birding Workshop

June 3 June 5, 2022

Join us for a truly unique experience birding in the heart of the Adirondacks in one of the most spectacular tracts of forest. The area has been designated by Audubon as an Important Bird Area because of the exemplary forest habitat and birds. The weekend will involve a series of bird walks and presentations led by Audubon New York and Cornell Lab of Ornithology staff. The walks will immerse you in the forests and birds of the Adirondacks and the presentations will take you around the world to see some of the rarest birds and remarkable bird behavior. It is sure to be a memorable Adirondack experience.

Please call  518-532-7616 for more information and event details.

“This wilderness resort should be on everyone's bucket list.”
- Annie Stoltie, Adirondack Life Magazine
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