Birding Workshop

Elk Lake Lodge hosted its first birding workshop in 1987 which was organized by National Audubon's chief scientist, Susan Drennan, and a team of birding professionals. Black flies were not in evidence and we had sunny days with forays into bogs, wetlands, forests and mountain peaks, where we saw over 120 species. At the end of the day lively conversations, warm fires and hearty dinners ensued and sometimes an evening foray of owling.

Every year for one weekend in June, we host an Audubon workshop organized by one of Audubon New York's Director of Bird Conservation, Jillian Liner, accompanied by some of the best birders and photographers from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The weekend will include walks, hikes and paddles through Elk Lake Preserve's 12,000 acres during peak migration. At the end of the day, after hot showers, delicious dinners and fireside chats, we will have presentations by our experts on some of the rarest birds around the world.

I participated in the first workshop as a total novice and became a passionate birder. I look forward to deepening my knowledge and enjoying a wonderful experience again this spring. Please join me.

Margot Ernst

View the original 1987 flyer as well as the 2017 flyer below for more information!

“Wild, startling, resplendent -- endowed with the big, the lofty, the breathtaking panorama -- this place is a jewel fashioned of wilderness.”
- Mark Bowie, Adirondack Life Magazine
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